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Nagorik Uddyog (Citizen's Initiative), as a nonprofit national development organization, has been working to promote fundamental human rights of excluded poor, underpriveleged minorities since its inception in 1995. Its prime focus is on greater and effective pa rticipation of disadvantaged and marginalized citizens especially women irrespective of class, culture or creed in its development initiative.


Through its nature of works, NU has become a significant leading development actor in national and international level. As an active member of many national and international development forums and networks, NU involves in lobby and advocacy in order to promote human rights and good governance. About 20 years of working with learnong from the grassroots communities, NU has adopted own development approaches reflected in people's perception, need, involvement and leadership for desired change in the lives and the livelihoods.


NU, since its intervention, has been working not only strengthening local government institutions through raising awareness on basic human rights but also building peoples capacity that they able to 'take initiative' in order to realize and pursue their rights on their own.


This entails engaging the people at the level at which they carry out their day-to-day lives; empowering them and helping to provide an enabling condition by which they can set up instructions and mobilize themselves. It also entails challenging those prevailing social customs those inhibit genuine human development. Toward this end, NU implements, carries out and/or undertakes action research workshops, human rights awareness and training programs and legal aid to the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged in Bangladesh, in particular rural women. NU also provides logistic and technical support to variou groups and movements such as those involving Bangladesh's Dalit Community and Youths and students.


NU recognises that democratic elections are by themselves insufficient in fulfilling democracy; that the poor and marginalized must be given power to participate in and contribute to decision making processes that affect their lives. Accordingly, NU holds special interest in democratizing "salish", Bangladesh's traditional rural dispute resolution system. Bangladesh's formal court and judicial systems are just too far out reach for most rural people. A fair and equitable Salish thus entails unprecedented access to justice for rural Bnagladeshis, especially women-the 'poorest of the poor' in this country.


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