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human resources

Human Resources

Currently, 207 personnel, comprised with 109 male and 98 female, are working with NU. Among the total employees, 144 staffs (70% of total employees) are deployed at regional, district, Upazila, and Union level aiming to provide assistance to the community. At central office, 60% are female and among them 50% are in decision making level. On the other hand, at area offices, 44% of female are employed considering the remoteness and accessibility to the beneficiaries.


General Committee: General Committee (GC) is the legal entity of NU. This body is formed with 11 members (5 female and 6 male) from different background including human rights activists, academicians, development activists, and researchers. On behalf of GB, an Executive Committee (EC) supervises overall organizational operational management.

Executives Committee: An eight members Executive Committee (EC), comprised with 2 female and 6 male, is responsible for overall administrative governance and supervision. Chief Executive (CE), on behalf of Executives Committee, performs organizational day-to-day operational management. The committee members meet quarterly in order to supervise the progress of undertaken program and other aspects of the organization.

Senior Management Team: In order to smooth programme implementation, a Senior Management Team (SMT) is formed with 4 senior staffs (2 male and 2 female) to supervise daily activities at program and project level. SMT deals with fund raising and resource mobilization, strategic planning, programme and operational process, policy and procurement, wealth and human resource management, administration and financial activities. Along with these, SMT looks after the different units of NU responsible for executing activities as planned.


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