Nagorik Uddyog (NU) envisages a poverty free nation with equal rights and dignity irrespective of race, colour, sex, language, religion, ethnic or social origin, income, birth or other opinion and status.


The mission of NU is to build a society based on social and gender justice, equality and rule of law with accountable, transparent and responsive institutions by mobilizing community people through building their own self-sustain organizations that they can realize their rights and entitlements, with special focus on women, socially excluded, unprivileged and minority communities.


  • Improve access to justice through human rights education, community mediation and legal aid;
  • Strengthen women leadership by promoting their individual and collective capabilities to realize women’s rights;
  • Protect and promote rights of Dalit, indigenous peoples, socially excluded, child and minority communities;
  • Promote informal sectors labour rights through providing skill trainings, policy advocacy, campaign and networking;
  • Empower the citizens through promoting transparency and accountability of government and non-government institutions having access to right to information;
  • Strengthen Local Government Institutions (LGIs) by supporting local justice mechanisms, ensuring good governance and building institutional capacity;
  • Enhance environmental sustainability by reducing adverse impact of climate change and building linkage between human rights, environment and development;
  • Undertake research, fact findings and investigations on socio-economic, cultural and civil and political rights;
  • Protect and promote human rights through lobby, advocacy, networking and campaign at local, national and international level.