NU is currently involved in advocating the issues related to our focus areas and programmes at both local and national levels.

At the local level:

Locally, NU focuses on ensuring the implementation of existing laws and policies aimed at protecting women and improving their rights. Focus is also placed on helping ensure the provision of poor peoples access to basic services, the greater use of government legal aid support, the effective participation of women elected representatives at the union council, the activation of the arbitration council of local government, and the strengthening of the local government’s standing committees.

At the national level:

NU focuses on fomulation, implementation of laws, policies, international convention and commitment in regard to human rights, rights of Dalits and excluded groups, promoting justice, environment, health, education, women rights, labor rights and gender issues. NU undertakes national level advocacy and lobby from organizational strenght as well as networking with other CSOs, individuals and platforms.

Collaboration with National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Bangladesh:

Nagorik Uddyog is member of three thematic committees of NHRC and one special committee: 1) Dalit, Hijra and other Marginalized Committee, 2) Committe of Child Rights, Child Labor, Anti Trafficking and Migration, 3) Committe for the protection of religious and ethnic minorties and non-citizen’s rights. NU also a member of Project Implementation Committee (PIC) of NHRC and UNDP collaborative human rights programme.

Network and campaign

NU has affiliations or linkages with both national and international organizations.  These affiliations strengthen NU’s ability to affect positive change in Bangladeshi society by synergizing its efforts with organizations and institutions that share NU’s vision.  By consolidating their power, these networks impart greater pressure on the public administration.

National Level

 SlName of the Networks/ AlliancesNU StatusWork Focused On
1Bangladesh Human Rights
Forum (BHRF)-a coalition
of 19 human rights
Member of Steering
– Prepare UPR report- already submitted two cycles civil
society national report at UN;
– Submitted alternative Civil and political Rights report at UN;
– Continuous advocacy and lobbying at national and international
level to implement UPR recommendations;
2Shushasoner Jonno Nagorik
CEO of NU is holding
the position of
Joint Secretary of
National committee
– A platform of civil society organizations work across
the country to promote good governance and strengthening
electoral process for institutionalizing democratic
3Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA)CEO of NU is holding the
position of Joint Secretary
– A platform of hundreds local and national level organizations
and individual civil society members is working to promote and
protect environment in Bangladesh.
4Citizens’ Initiatives for Domestic
Violence (CIDV)
Member– A platform of 30 NGOs is working to protect domestic violence
– This platform played the key role to enact the Domestic
Violence Act, 2010
5Governance Advocacy ForumMember– A platform of 35 national level organizations is advocating
for strengthening local government
6Bangladesh Dalit and Excluded Rights
Movement (BDERM)
Advisor– A national platform to promote the rights of the Dalit
7Campaign for Right to Food and Social
Security (RtF&SS)
NU works as Secretariat– A national level network to promote the concept of right
to food, advocacy to enact right to food law and awareness
raising on social security issues.
8Water Rights ForumCore Committee Member– A platform of 7 national organizations is working for right
to water, river saving and awareness raising on trans-
boundary water issues.
9Bangladesh Water Integrity NetworkCore Committee Member– A platform of 17 national human rights organizations is working
on water management for water integrity issues.
10Bangladesh Labour Rights ForumNU works as Secretariat– A platform of 30 labor rights organizations to promote rights
of the informal sector workers and advocating to enact a law
for informal sector
– Advocated for recently approved Domestic Workers’ Welfare Policy
11Campaign on Citizens Right to
Information (CCRTI)
NU works as Secretariat– A platform advocated for enacting RTI law since 2003
– It is working to improve transparency and accountability by
using RTI act
– Capacity building to using RTI act
12National Girl Child Advocacy ForumMember– A national platform is working for promoting rights of
girl child.
13Citizen’s Platform for SDGs,
Partner– Being encouraged by the two features of the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) i.e. transformative and
inclusive and remaining committed to implementing 2030 Agenda,
a group of individuals has taken an initiative to set up the
Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh with the objective
to contribute to the delivery of the SDGs and enhance
accountability in its implementation process.

International Level

 SlName of the Networks/AlliancesNU StatusWork Focus
1Asia Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF)
Kathmandu, Nepal,
Executive MemberWorks to promote Dalit human rights in Asia region and lobbying
at UN level.
2Network of Improved Policing
in South Asia (NIPSA)
MemberA regional network of individuals and organizations to promote
and enhance civil society participation in police reform debates
and influence legal and policy changes towards better policing.
3South Asian Feminist Alliance
for Economic, Social, and
Cultural Rights (SAFA)
Core committee
A coalition of feminists from South Asian countries is actively
pursuing the realization of economic, social and cultural
rights of women
4Global Legal Empowerment
Network (NAMATI)
MemberA global network of the people and organizations involving
promoting grassroots legal empowerment.
5Asia Pacific Forum on Women
Law and Development (APWLD),
Bangkok, Thailand
MemberA platform is working on women empowerment and capacity
building of women at Asia pacific region.
6Food First International Action
Network (FIAN International)
Heidelberg, Germany
MemberAn international platform working for right to adequate
food globally.
7Habitat International
Coalition (HIC)
MemberA global network for the rights to habitat and social justice.
8South Asian Alliance for
Poverty Eradication (SAAPE)
Kathmandu, Nepal
MemberSAAPE’s main focus is poverty eradication through policy research,
advocacy, lobbying and campaign works on five key themes,
which are priority concerns for civil society in
all countries of the region.
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