Members of the community, irrespective of social status or sex can register complaints with NU. Union level staff of NU or group members also help the community people to register their complaint with NU. NU has developed a systematic method of recording the complaints for shalish. Different forms are used for different parts of the process, from receiving the complaint, to the eventual settlement of the complaint. When a complaint reaches the community Mobilizer, a formal shalish registration takes place at the local NU office. The complainant must fill out a shalish form specifying the nature, history and details of the grievance. The shalish form serves as an official record of the proceedings. The local staff then undertake a fact-finding mission to investigate the validity of the charges. On the basis of this evidence, NU sends a notice announcing an upcoming shalish to both parties. If both sides are willing, a mutually convenient date and place of shalish is fixed. In case one party does not show up on the designated date, NU will set new dates. After the successful resolution of disputes, NU Community Mobilizer will follow up the decisions made in the shalish for three months. In a few cases, NU refers the aggrieved party to the courts. Steps in the proceedings of the shalish, such as the setting of date for mediation session, selection of mediators, place where the mediation will be held, settlement of the outcome of the dispute and its  implementation – all are undertaken by community mediators who have been trained by NU. NU not only documents and follows up throughout the entirety of the salish process and keeps the mediators updated on the status of the Salish, but also follows up whether the shalish process and decisions that have been taken conform to legal and human rights standards.