Child Rights

NU has been working with working mothers’ children and school drop-out working and street children since 2013 through providing service delivery programme – informal education and skill development training – by offering day-care and drop-in centre facilities in Dhaka city. Through research study, NU found that if the children of underprivileged female workers particularly garment workers are provided day-care facilities, their family wellbeing improve significantly.

Provisions and Strategies

  • Advocate and lobby on child rights in Bangladesh
  • Providing day-care service for underprivileged working mothers’ (particularly garments workers and day labourers) children and drop-in centre facilities for school drop-out working and street children
  • Mobilize drop-out street children, mother and garments workers
  • Advocacy, networking and campaign for garments workers safe compliance that includes safety working condition, payments and day-care facilities.

Amader Pothochala

Stories of hope by garment workers and their children